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Resources & Facilities

ISG Facilities:

Center for Genome Innovation


The CGI offers a variety of training opportunities as well as NextGen sequencing and genotyping services.  These services are available to UCONN-affiliated researchers across all campuses and range from single run instrument access through full-service NextGen library preparation and sequencing.

Training: The CGI also offers laboratory-based workshops for NextGen sequencing, genotyping, workflows and data analysis. For training opportunities, please contact

Facility Director: Rachel O’Neill,

Computational Biology Core


The CBC provides computational power and technical support to both academia and industry.  These services are available to faculty and students within the University system.  Services provided: research collaboration; project design and data analysis consultation; bioinformatics support for NextGen sequencing; software development; and access to computational resources.

Facility Director: Jill Wegrzyn,


Single Cell Facility


The University of Connecticut (UConn) and The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) have entered into an agreement to jointly partner together to establish a Single Cell Genomics Center.  The new Center is located within the JAX’s Farmington location.  The Center will enable investigators from both JAX and UConn to study biology at the level of its fundamental unit, the individual cell.

Facility Director: Paul Robson, 


ISG Resources:

High Performance Computing Facility


The UConn Health High Performance Computing Facility provides a variety of High Performance Computing, Cloud Computing and customized Servers and Services to the UConn Health research community and its collaborators. The facility provides free access to over 60 TeraFLOPS of compute power, 3,000 processor cores and over 2 PB of storage housed in a secure, state-of-the-art data center supported 7×24 by a dedicated staff of professionals.

Facility Director: Ion Moraru,

Center for Open Research Resources and Equipment (COR2E)  For a listing of all research facilities and resources offered to the UConn community, please visit the Center for Open Research Resources and Equipment (COR2E).  COR2E serves as the gateway to research resources available.  In addition to providing a variety of software tools for exploring UConn research expertise, COR2E is also the managing entity for a wide variety of core facilities, housing both state-of-the-art equipment and expertise. (link to website).