Genome Ambassador Program

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About Us:

The Institute for Systems Genomics Genome Ambassadors are a group of students, alumni, faculty, and staff at the University of Connecticut who embrace a philosophy of progressing the field of genomics towards achieving greater diversity among students and career professionals, developing students’ scientific communication skills by interacting with scientists and the public, understanding the broad implications of advancements in genomics, and increasing the genomic literacy of our community as a public education initiative.

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Our Mission:

The mission of the Institute for Systems Genomics’ Genome Ambassadors Program is to advance the genomic literacy of our community as a public education initiative. By providing early exposure and access to genomic science and career development opportunities, Genome Ambassadors support the growing diversity and inclusion of individuals who pursue education and careers in the genetic sciences.

Our Goals:

  • Progress the field to achieve greater interest and diversity in the dynamic discipline of genomics
  • Engage with individuals outside of the field to increase public genomic literacy
  • Develop mentorship networks for education and career growth
  • Communicate science as an inclusive and accessible language

For Educators: Programs and Events Offered

  • Career Presentations and Fairs: GAP members are excited to introduce students of all ages to diverse career opportunities in genetics and genomics.
  • Lab Demonstrations: GAP members encourage young scientists to explore their scientific interests by conducting hands-on genetics experiments and fostering inquisitive discussions.
  • Campus Trips: GAP members host middle and high school classes for half-day field trips filled with engaging activities and lab tours in the UCONN Engineering and Science Building.