Institute for Systems Genomics (ISG) programs and co-sponsored programs

  • Clinical Genetics and Genomics Online Graduate Certificate - This online graduate certificate program focused on genetics and genomics practice provides students with an independent, yet engaging, series of 100% online courses. The goal of the curriculum targets acquisition of a knowledge base and skill set in clinical genetics and genomics using unique, innovative, and research-proven strategies eliciting engagement and interactivity within the online platform.PSM Logo
  • PSM in Health Care Genetics - The Health Care Genetics Program allows a customized curriculum to meet your specific educational and career goals. A Professional Science Master's Degree in Health Care Genetics is a science degree "plus" experiential learning in genome-based technologies and diagnostic testing as well as professional development training in communication, regulations, leadership, and ethical implications; an excellent background for those interested in using genomic information to improve health.
  • PSM in Genetic Counseling - The University of Connecticut is seeking accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling for a new Master of Science Degree in Genetic Counseling. The program will provide innovative and interprofessional training for tomorrow’s leaders in the translation of genomics and precision medicine. Not accepting students at this time. Target opening date: Fall 2019.

New Course Offered

ISG 5730: Professional Skills and Competencies
A Global Perspective: Communicating the value of diversity in genetics
Instructor:  Judy Brown
1-credit online Spring 2021 S/U graded for more information or a permission number