Current Funding

UCONN CLAS Strategic Plan

Jill Wegrzyn, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Rachel O’Neill, Molecular and Cell Biology; Anne Bucklin, Marine Sciences: “Conservation and BioDiversity Genomics in a Changing Climate” - Academic Theme: The Earth and Its Future

AFRI Competitive Grant

Karl Fetter, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: "A Conservation Genomics Program to Identify Climate Adapted Genes in the Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) - USDA/NIFA


SURF Awards


Cristopher Guzman
Project Title: Genomic Examination of Juglans ailantifolia for the Continuation of Juglans cinerea Conservation against OCJ/SCJ Disease

Harshita Akella
Project Title: The first genome reference for the tropical legume, Inga vera, and comparative analysis of genes involved in nitrogen fixation among the Fabaceae

Emily Trybulec
Project Title: Automation of de novo genome assembly and comparative genomics using bioinformatic workflows


Emily Strickland
Project Title: Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) Resistance in Pumpkin Ash (Fraxinus profunda)